Advertising Policies

 International Journal of Jungian Sandplay Therapy accepts advertisements of the following basis:

  1. Eligibility of advertised products of services

Advertisements should promote safe and reliable products that will not cause any harm to the health and welfare of humans. Such advertisements may promote information of technology relevant for authors, editors, reviewers, and readers. The journal has control over all final decisions regarding eligibility and suitability of the advertisement. 

  2. Orders

If you are interested in advertising your products of services, you are urged to contact the editorial office. Acceptance will be considered and approved of disapproved by IJJST Editorial Board and ISST as publisher. 

  3. Advertisement fee 

Banner advertisement fees are variable based upon duration that the banner is displayed. 

  4. Disclaimer

Liability: Neither the IJJST editors of the ISST will be legally liable for advertisements. The accuracy, completeness, of usefulness of the information provided cannot be assured.

Endorsement: Products of services advertised on the page are not endorsed by the ISST and the IJJST

Disclaimer: Neither the ISST nor the authors will be legally liable for any of the content of advertisements.